Puja Aggarwal Kumar

About Puja Aggarwal Kumar

I specialize in helping Canadians like you buy properties in Florida & Toronto, be it for investment, vacation, or retirement purposes. My family based in Canada has been buying and selling properties in Florida & Toronto for the last 15 years and I have helped many happy Canadians do the same. I also have an MBA from Schulich specializing in Real Estate Development and had the opportunity to work and help many world class corporations.

My experience in commercial real estate, my business background, and my love for both the warm state of Florida and the urban city of Toronto makes me a natural in this field. We have an extensive network of professionals that work together in helping you with your international property purchase. Whether you are planning to retire, upsize your home, or grow your investment portfolio, contact me and learn how easy we can make your property purchasing process for you!

  • Service Areas: Greater Toronto Area, Orlando, Florida
  • Specialties: Investment Properties, Preconstruction Properties, Commercial Properties, Real estate development
  • Education: MBA & BBA from Schulich School of Business
  • Hobbies: Traveling the World, Reading Biographies, Making Crafts with my Son, and Helping People Live their Best Lives!
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