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95 Corporate Centre North York: Optimal Office Space Investment

105 Gordon Baker Rd alongside Hwy 404 & Steeles Ave., North York
  • $380,000
  • Commercial Property
  • Property Type
  • 80 sq. ft. -22,000+ sq. ft.
  • Unit Size(s)
  • Late 2024 to early 2025
  • Occupancy

Property Details

Explore premium investment opportunities at 95 Corporate Centre North York, the epicenter for corporate growth and workspace innovation.

95 Corporate Centre North York: The Pinnacle of Office Space Investment

In the heart of North York, 95 Corporate Centre stands as a landmark of opportunity for businesses and investors. Located at 105 Gordon Baker Road, this pre-construction mixed-use development by 95 Developments is poised to become a cornerstone of the Hillcrest Village business landscape. Offering a diverse array of unit sizes, 95 Corporate Centre North York caters to the varied needs of today’s professionals and businesses, making it an ideal investment in a thriving urban center.

95 Corporate Centre North York: A Beacon of Commercial Opportunity

Nestled in the dynamic neighborhood of North York, 95 Corporate Centre represents a unique confluence of location, innovation, and potential. This pre-construction mixed-use development by 95 Developments is located at 105 Gordon Baker Road, a strategic position within North York’s Hillcrest Village. With an array of units designed to suit businesses of all sizes, 95 Corporate Centre North York is the ideal location for forward-thinking companies and savvy investors.

Premium Location for Business Growth at 95 Corporate Centre North York

In the heart of North York, 95 Corporate Centre stands as a premier destination for businesses and investors alike. With its proximity to vital transportation corridors like Hwy 404 & Steeles Ave, this 8-story commercial hub promises unparalleled accessibility and exposure in a key urban district.

 Designed for Success at 95 Corporate Centre North York

95 Corporate Centre North York is not just about location; it’s about providing a space that inspires and propels businesses to new heights. The modern architectural design, combined with functional office layouts, creates an environment that speaks to efficiency and elegance.

Economic Advantages at 95 Corporate Centre North York

The North York economy is known for its resilience and growth, making 95 Corporate Centre North York a sound investment. The area’s consistent development and demand for quality office space signify a strong potential for property value appreciation.

Connectivity and Community at 95 Corporate Centre North York

Positioned in a well-established infrastructure network, 95 Corporate Centre North York offers easy access to a plethora of urban amenities. The upcoming transit expansion in North York will further enhance the location’s connectivity, solidifying its status as a business nucleus.

A Hub for Professionals at 95 Corporate Centre North York

Surrounded by educational institutions and corporate offices, 95 Corporate Centre North York is poised to become a vibrant community for professionals and businesses. This diversity ensures a dynamic rental market and a promising investment outlook.

Innovate and Inspire at 95 Corporate Centre North York

95 Corporate Centre North York is designed to be a space where businesses can thrive. From expansive lobbies to outdoor terraces, the development offers a variety of amenities that cater to the needs of modern enterprises.

Conclusion: Invest with Confidence at 95 Corporate Centre North York

Choosing 95 Corporate Centre North York means investing in a property that stands at the forefront of commercial development in a rapidly growing district. It’s a commitment to not just a physical space, but to the future of business in North York.

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Property Documents

95 Corporate Centre-Price List


  • Price: $380,000
  • Property Size: 80-22,000+ sqft
  • Property Type: Commercial Property
  • Property Status: Preconstruction / New Build

Quick Facts

  • Builder Name: 95 Developments
  • Main Intersection: Finch Avenue East and Highway 404
  • Occupancy: Late 2024 to early 2025
  • Project Status: Pre-Construction
  • No. of Units: 157
  • Unit Size(s): 80 sq. ft. -22,000+ sq. ft.
  • Deposit Structure: $5,000 BANK DRAFT ON SIGNING BALANCE TO 5% IN 30 DAYS 10% IN 90 DAYS 5% IN 180 DAYS 10% ON OCCUPANCY
  • Maintenance Fees: $0.51 per sq. ft.

Reasons To Buy

Why Invest in North York Real Estate? A Strategic Approach for Discerning Investors

Investing in North York real estate is not just about acquiring property; it’s about making a strategic decision that aligns with growth, stability, and prosperity. Here’s why North York stands out as a wise investment choice:

Proven Property Value Appreciation

North York’s real estate market has shown a pattern of robust growth, thanks to its optimal location and the appeal of its neighborhoods. Its accessibility to downtown Toronto’s bustling economy, combined with a vibrant local job market, has made it a magnet for a growing population. This influx steadily enhances property values, offering investors significant capital appreciation prospects.

Diverse and Lucrative Rental Market

The demographic tapestry of North York, encompassing students, professionals, and families, weaves a strong rental market with diverse needs and preferences. The presence of top-ranking universities, burgeoning tech hubs, and multinational corporations ensures a continuous demand for housing. For investors, this translates into the potential for steady rental yields and a resilient investment in the face of market fluctuations.

Infrastructure and Lifestyle Amenities at Your Doorstep

North York’s well-developed infrastructure is a cornerstone of its appeal. The region is serviced by a network of public transit options, major highways, and a variety of lifestyle amenities. Proximity to premier shopping destinations, green spaces, top-tier healthcare, and entertainment venues enhances the quality of life, driving up the desirability of nearby properties.

Economic Stability and Growth

As a beneficiary of Toronto’s economic dynamism, North York enjoys stability and growth from the city’s diversified economic engine. With strong footholds in the finance, tech, healthcare, and education sectors, the area offers a resilient job market. A healthy economy fuels housing demand, positioning North York as a strategic location for property investment.

A Community in Transformation

North York is continuously evolving, with new developments and community projects enhancing its urban landscape. This ongoing transformation not only revitalizes the community but also paves the way for future appreciation in real estate values. Early investment in a community on the rise can secure long-term growth potential and an advantageous position in a competitive market.

 Quality of Life: A Magnet for Residents

The emphasis on quality of life is a major draw for residents in North York. With a mix of urban conveniences and suburban calm, the area offers a balanced lifestyle that is attractive to a wide range of residents. This desirability is reflected in the market value of properties, with North York homes often commanding premium prices.

Conclusion: Your Investment Opportunity Awaits

With its combination of steady appreciation, a strong rental market, and an abundance of amenities, North York presents an enticing opportunity for both seasoned and new investors. Whether you’re looking to diversify your portfolio or make your first foray into the property market, North York offers a compelling proposition.

Embark on your investment journey in North York, where the potential for growth is as expansive as the community itself. Explore the opportunities and become a part of North York’s exciting future.


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