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Founder and Vision

KAPS Realty Group is a boutique real estate brokerage specializing in helping Canadians with their real estate needs in Greater Toronto and Central Florida.  To us real estate is as much a passion as it is a business.  All of our agents have international property knowledge and own an international real estate property other than their primary residence.

We are connected beyond the deal to accountants, attorneys, bankers, contractors, etc.  we value long term relationships with clients and continue our relationships long after the deal is done.  At KAPS all of our real estate team is held to the highest standards of professionals, customer service, and ethics.


It's nice experience with KAPS Realty Group. There team is very professional and good knowledge and experience in Real estate Market. They help us to find right House for us with our budget. Thanks to Puja Madam , Aarti and Ankur to make our dreams come true.
by Kinjal Dalal
Really professional real estate agents that are making your home research easier and by the same token faster. I highly recommend this company for your next house,condo, townhouse purchase or if you need to sell either one of those. You will surely be satisfied!
by Sophie Laroche
Suresh and I, would like to thank you for the smooth process in helping us buy a property in Florida. "A lifetime is too short and our warmest words too few to thank you.“
by Suresh & Sharmila
It was the pleasure for Peter and me to work with you. The folder with all papers was done really professional, accurate and additional info will be very useful. All 4 appointments with you were excellent planned, max information was given, questions were answered correctly  and promptly with immediate contact to specialists insurance, accountant, Re/Max) in Florida, pictures of the unit were received the same day, inspection with the following repair work was done in short period of time and,unexpectedly,  we got your beautifully wrapped chocolate gift. Thank you for the excellent service and your help! You are professional person  and gorgeous lady. I am glad that God put us together now and for the future.
by Ludmila Spivak


We believe there’s much more to life than work and dollars. Money is nice, but there’s much more to life than money. Family, community, and empathy are key drivers of happiness and of a well rounded person. People need an understanding that s/he is a part of a something larger. We believe it is of critical importance to recognize our fortune, and to assist the less fortunate. It is important to assist those in need in your local community, and it is equally important to assist those from areas of the world who face more challenging circumstances and much more limited opportunities. With this in mind, we support both local and international charities.

We currently support the following charitable organizations:

Local Initiatives

Vita Centre


The Vita Centre is a local Mississauga, Ontario based charity supporting single parents, primarily through donations of baby/child items to families in need. Every Christmas we prepare ~250 gift baskets, containing toys, books, and school supplies, enough for each child in their care. Most recently we donated gift baskets with personal care items for the mothers.

International Initiatives

Shantam Covid Center

Covid hit India very hard, extending their health care system beyond its capabilities. In conjunction with a partner vendor we set up a pop-up treatment and vaccination clinic in Gujarat State, in the west of India. For this clinic we provided funding for vac

Isha Vidhya


Isha Vidhya is a charitable organization in Tirupur State, India, providing many different services to their community. We support two of their initiatives: rural children’s education, and job placement and economic support for widows.

Tirupur School for the Deaf

The south Indian state of Tirupur is one of the most impoverished in India. The Tirupur School for the Deaf is a small orphanage housing, feeding and educating deaf or blind orphans. In conjunction with one of our partner vendors in India, we cover their operating costs.

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