How do I get more information on properties?

Best way is to contact us via phone and book an appointment in our office located in Mississauga. We are open Monday to Friday from 11 AM to 5 PM.
You may call our office located in Mississauga, Ontario at 905.698.0044 or email us at info@kapsrealtygroup.com

What services do KAPS Realty Group provide in this real estate professional if I am a customer?

We offer services such as helping you find your true potential in either investments in properties or with finding your vacation dream home. We help prepare the contracts and advocate for you.

  • Our services include pre-construction properties in GTA,
  • Investment properties in GTA and Florida,
  • Property Management available,
  • Buying or Selling Residential and Commercial Properties,
  • Customized listing and marketing packages.

Can you help us find an agent to represent us?

Yes. All of our agents have been trained well and we will provide you with one of our highest qualified agents depending in the area and the type of property you are interested in.

What areas does your team help buy and sell property/ real estate?

We mainly specialize in the GTA, Central Florida, Dominican Republic, Niagara Region. The following are our area of speciality.
In Florida; vacation condos, townhomes, houses, investment condos, investment townhomes, & commercial properties.
In GTA; pre-construction condos, townhouses, detached houses, investment condo and townhomes, re-sale residential and commercial properties.
In Las Vegas; vacation homes, investment condos and homes.
In Niagara; detaches bungalows & detaches two storeys.
In Dominican Republic; vacation condos and detached homes.

How can I join a team of KAPS Realty Group?

Our team is always looking for talented individuals who are passionate to help people grow their real estate portfolio. Call our office to book an appointment and we would love to meet you!

Do you do pre-construction projects?

Yes. We work with many builders exclusively to help market the best projects to our clients. We guide you step by step throughout the entire process to ensure you continue to grow your investment portfolio with us. We help our customers find their true potential with pre-construction projects.

Why do builders sell pre-construction condos at prices that seem to allow buyers/investors to make a profit by flipping or assigning?

Pre-construction prices are generally lower than those of existing condominium resales. This brings up two obvious questions: 1) Why do developers discount the units for pre-construction buyers? and 2) Why do they sell pre-construction rather than build first? The answer to both questions is the same–they want to reach 70% sold to get financing from their lenders.

The prices are discounted to give buyers the incentive to buy something they can’t see, touch or feel. Sky and paper are harder to sell than concrete and steel. Discounts make the difference. Developers sell pre-construction, even at the lower prices, because they must have pre-sales to get their construction loan. Lenders require 70-80% of a project to be sold before financing a project.

Do you only work with builders?

Although we have great experience in exclusively helping builder sell out their projects, our team also helps our individual clients with their buying and selling needs. When it comes to real estate. We help with resale, managing and renting our properties.

Do you deal with cross boarder professional accountants and lawyers?

Yes, we deal with multiple cross boarder accounts and lawyers. All projects have their own specified professional accounts and lawyers that helps when dealing with properties outside GTA.

Do you offer flight reimbursement when buying a property outside GTA?

Yes. Depends on the location of the project, details will be discussed at meeting.

How often do you have seminars / info sessions?

When we launch a new real estate development, we usually schedule an information seminar for our registered perspective buyers or our client database. These seminars are meant to provide you with all the knowledge available to best prepare you to purchase in the development if you choose to do so. You are under no obligation.

Where can I register to attend the seminars / info sessions?

By calling our office or emailing us to register for the seminars. If you have signed up for our mailing list, you will automatically receive notification any time we have an info session.

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